Moskonstruct is financed by the European Commission (TACIS IBPP) as part of its programmes to foster communication and the exchange of know-how between the EU countries and The Russian Federation.

The project is coordinated by the DIPTU - Dipartimento Interateneo di Pianificazione Urbanistica at the “Sapienza” University of Rome.

The local partner is the MARKHI – Moscow Institute of Architecture.

Moskonstruct is supported by DO.CO.MO.MO International, actively involved in the project since the beginning, and by numerous other international entities.


The Moscow Architectural Institute was established on October 14, 1933. The Institute inherited the traditions of the 1st Specialized Architectural School founded in 1749 by Prince D. Ukhtomsky.  The school now boasts some 2,000 students from Russia, countries of the ex-Soviet Union, Europe, Asia and North and South America. Its courses include: town planning, residential architecture and public buildings, architecture of industrial buildings, architecture of rural settlements, theory and history of architecture, restoration reconstruction of buildings, landscape architecture, regional planning and town master plans, principles of town planning theory, design of the architectural environment.